Am I Hacker Proof | Find Out In Minutes If Your Website Can Be Hacked

Between 2014 and 2015 the largest companies not just in United States but the world have been hacked. Companies like Target, Home Depot, Experian, Alliance Health of South Jordan, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska, VTech, Comcast of Pomona California and not including the numerous federal government agencies that were hacked.

If these companies or government websites and/or networks can be hacked, what makes you think your website, computer or network can't be hacked as well? There is no such thing as being 100% hacker proof, but you can come close to it with uses the same tools that hackers use to find all the different ways to hack into your website, home or office network. will scan any website or IP address like a hacker would to find almost all the vulnerabilities hackers would use to turn you into their latest victim.

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Who Should Use this Service:

  • Home Users
  • Anyone who Owns a Website
  • Small to Large Businesses
  • IT/CTO Consultants
  • Criminal Justice Student
  • Computer Science Students
  • Computer Security Students
  • CEO/Presidents/Mayors/Management
  • Web Developers
  • Law Enforcement/ Private Investigators

Features Include:

  • Monitor Your Personal Computer or Network To Make Sure You're Hacker Proof
  • Scans Your Website Like a Hacker Would
  • Checks a Website to See If Your Information Is Safe
  • Will Let You Know Who Installed Spyware On Your Computer
  • Will Text Your Cell Phone to Let You Know You are Hacker Proof
  • Speak With a Security Expert to Help You Fix Your System or Network Absolutely Free