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iPhone #Wi-Fi #bug lets #hackers #hijack your #phone and #secretly install #malicious #apps

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans The cyber security community is still reeling after the revelation of the KRACK security vulnerability that breaks down Wi-Fi encryption. Now it seems another Wi-Fi-based bug has also been discovered. Presented at the global Pwn2Own hacking contest in Tokyo, a team of researchers demonstrated how a […]

Why hackers love your Wi-Fi (and how to protect it)

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans Wi-Fi hacking is all fun and games until somebody hacks the Wi-Fi on a roller coaster. That’s a lesson one professional security researcher found out the hard way. Several years ago at Disneyland, the roller coaster car he was riding was click-click-clacking its way along its […]

Safety tips for using public Wi-Fi

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans Q: What can I do to be safe when using public Wi-Fi? The convenience of accessing public Wi-Fi networks has become somewhat of an expectation when we’re away from our primary home and work connections, but it’s important to understand the risks. Anytime you share a […]

The Dark Side of WiFi

The Super Bowl will keep many viewers glued to their televisions and their computers.  But, if you are a WiFi user, heed these words of caution. Public Wi-Fi is convenient, and dangerous. Since the connection is public, it’s accessible to everyone. Public Wi-Fi offers zero privacy. If you reveal your credit card information through public […]

Wi-Fi sharing can attract hackers

  My sister has a condo, and she provides Wi-Fi for the renters. A neighboring condo owner wants to know whether he can have access to her Wi-Fi for his renters. What are the risks of providing open access to her Wi-Fi? — Mary Q., via email You know, Mary, we can understand why your […]

Wi-Fi enabled cars pose ‘great concern’ to safety, says researcher

  TORONTO – Researchers are warning that plans to provide high-speed Internet access in Canadian vehicles will pose a great safety risk to drivers who are easily distracted by voice-operated devices. “Because of the potential for driver distraction, safety should be of great concern,” said University of Toronto professor Ian Spence, author of a new study on […]