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Malicious npm package taken down after Microsoft warning – Naked Security

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans Criminals have been caught trying to sneak a malicious package on to the popular Node.js platform npm (Node Package Manager). The problem package, 1337qq-js, was uploaded to npm on 31 December, after which it was downloaded at least 32 times according to figures from npm-stat. According […]

#cyberfraud | #cybercriminals | Alpharetta Warning Public About Online Dating Scams, Threats

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans ALPHARETTA, GA — The City of Alpharetta is warning the public to be cautious when using online dating websites after a citizen was recently blackmailed. The Alpharetta Department of Public Safety recently took a report from a citizen who was using a dating app and made […]

Siemens to update medical scanner software amid Homeland Security warning machines could be hacked

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans German industrial group Siemens expects to update software in some of its medical scanners by the end of the month to deal with vulnerabilities that could, in theory, allow some of this equipment to be hacked, a company spokesman said on Monday. Last week, the U.S. […]

Official Website of Multi-Hazard Early Warning System for Africa and Asia Hacked

The official website of Regional Integrated Multi-Hazard Early Warning System for Africa and Asia (RIMES) has been hacked and defaced by Indonesian hacking group ”Black Angels”.  This is how RIMES website originally looks like The hackers going with the handle of Hmei7 and Dbuzz along with others are behind the attack in which the high profile website […]

CryptoLocker Malware Warning

  The Law Society of British Columbia has published a warning to membersconcerning a species of malware known as CryptoLocker Ransomware. The malware, thought to originate in Eastern Europe or Russia, infects your machine in the usual way, e.g. when you open a dodgy email attachment or other file; but then it proceeds to encrypt most […]

Stolen laptop computers prompt warning from NJ health insurer

  NEWARK, N.J. – December 12, 2013 (WPVI) – A New Jersey health insurer is warning nearly 840,000 customers about a security breach after two company laptops were stolen from its headquarters.   Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey says the password-protected, unencrypted laptop computers were stolen over the weekend of November 1st from its Newark, […]