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#cybersecurity | hacker | TikTok transferred user data to China without consent, lawsuit says

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans Home > Security News > Privacy & Compliance News and Analysis TikTok secretly transferred user data to China without obtaining consent, according to a lawsuit filed by a college student in the Northern District of California. Misty Hong claimed the viral video service culled off her […]

Researchers #Hack Car Infotainment #System and Find #Sensitive User #Data Inside

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans People who are worried about their security will use a secure phone, lock down their computer, and use strong passwords for their online accounts. But how many people have considered that their car could be leaking their most sensitive data? A researcher who recently decided to […]

AnonSec leaked User information of different Israelian Companies

  Just Few Minutes Before Anonsec  a sub group of anonymous Leaked 100+ user data from different companies , Hacker made a post at Pastebin with title “Emails Provided by Anonsec Laughing at your Security since 2012″ The leaked information contains Email address , landline and mobile numbers , Leak information can be found here […]

Twitter vulnerability lets apps send DMs without user permission

  Security researcher Egor Homakov has discovered a Twitter vulnerability which allows apps to send DMs without requiring explicit user permission. TNW has verified the findings and can confirm the bug. This means Twitter apps that don’t ask for permission to send DMs can do so anyway. For example, Twitpic doesn’t ask for access to your DMs when you […]