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#cybersecurity | hacker | Federally funded Unimax smartphone pre-loaded with malware

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans The Unimax UMX U686CL is a Chinese-made smartphone distributed by the federally funded Assured Wireless by Virgin Mobile has been found to come pre-loaded with two malicious applications. Malwarebytes researchers found the malware every owner finds on their phone is Wireless Update and amazingly the device’s […]

6 Ways To #Protect Your #Smartphone #E-Tickets From #Hackers

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans Security experts say there’s no need to go back to paper: A few easy steps can keep your e-tickets and smartphone safe. From air travel to concerts and sporting events, we’re using mobile ticketing more than ever. The nation’s largest commuter rail systems—the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s (MTA) […]

12 ways to hack-proof your smartphone

As we’ve recently seen from leaked CIA documents, no one is immune to hacking attacks. Here’s how to protect yourself against them, whether they come from opportunist thieves or state-sponsored spies. 1. Keep up to date – and don’t open … View full post on National Cyber Security Ventures hacker proof, #hackerproof

Palestinian activists all set to release boycott Israel app for smartphone

Boycott Israel through Smartphones, a higher level of anti-Israel campaign launched by pro-Palestinian activists from Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS). The Boycott Israel movement http://www.bdsmovement.net/ plans to launch a smartphone application soon that will allow users to boycott Israeli products if they wish to, in support of the campaign for Palestinian rights. It will allow “The […]

F.C.C. Smartphone App Gauges Speed of User’s Network

WASHINGTON — The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday released its first smartphone app, a free program that allows consumers to measure the broadband speed they are getting on their mobile devices and to determine whether it is as fast as wireless companies say. More Tech Coverage News from the technology industry, including start-ups, the Internet, enterprise and […]

U.S. State Department warns not to take a laptop or smartphone if visiting Russia’s Winter Olympics due to high level of surveillance on tourists

WiFi and mobile coverage will be the best of any Games – but it comes at a price, according to research Russian journalists reveal that the infrastructure has been designed so that security services can access all communications ‘Your messages will be intercepted,’ warns U.S Government   The 2014 Winter Olympics is taking place in […]