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Hackers made plans to send deleted Hilary emails to Michael Flynn

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans Russia’s programmers talked about amid last year’s general election battle on if messages could be erased by Hillary Clinton as well as getting it unto Michael Flynn, a resigned military brass, an individual from the president’s crusade, a business magazine wrote last week. This daily paper […]

Spoofers Hacked AOL Email to Send Spam

In early days of Internet, AOL and its webmail counterpart AOL Mail are beyond ancient at this point. In electronic mail history, the majority of users have long since jumped ship for Gmail or Yahoo. Yet those who still have accounts with AOL were no doubt unhappy when they discovered last weekend that a slew […]

Hackers use ‘smart’ refrigerator to send 750,000 virus-laced emails

Call it the attack of the zombie refrigerators. Computer security researchers said this week they discovered a large “botnet” which infected Internet-connected home appliances and then delivered more than 750,000 malicious emails.The California security firm Proofpoint, Inc., which announced its findings, said this may be the first proven “Internet of Things” based cyberattack involving “smart” appliances. […]

Twitter vulnerability lets apps send DMs without user permission

  Security researcher Egor Homakov has discovered a Twitter vulnerability which allows apps to send DMs without requiring explicit user permission. TNW has verified the findings and can confirm the bug. This means Twitter apps that don’t ask for permission to send DMs can do so anyway. For example, Twitpic doesn’t ask for access to your DMs when you […]