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#deepweb | Gangsters’ reliance on ‘fake’ numbers : The Tribune India

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans Bhartesh Singh Thakur in Chandigarh It’s a constant game of cat and mouse when it comes to tracking gangsters’ communication in Haryana but at the moment, the mouse has got a bit smarter. Gangsters whose numbers are usually under surveillance of police cyber cells are using […]

Cash #Converters is #HACKED: Cyber #criminals hold UK #customer #credit card numbers, addresses and #passwords to #ransom after major #security breach

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans Hackers who attacked the now defunct website of second hand goods store Cash Converters may have access to the account details of thousands of customers. Usernames, passwords, delivery addresses and potentially partial credit card numbers are among the data believed to have been stolen. The culprits […]

Hackers exploited an Instagram bug to get celebrity phone numbers and email addresses

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans An Instagram bug allowed hackers to access contact phone numbers and email addresses for high-profile users, the company said today. The bug was discovered recently in Instagram’s application programming interface, or API, which the service uses to communicate with other apps. Instagram declined to specify which […]

Hackers Of Kansas System Accessed Social Security Numbers Of Millions In 10 States

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans Hackers who breached a Kansas Department of Commerce data system used by multiple states gained access to more than 5.5 million Social Security Numbers and put the agency on the hook to pay for credit monitoring services for all victims. The number of SSNs exposed across […]

ID numbers of 50m Turks posted online

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans Half the population of Turkey potentially opened up to identity theft and privacy violations after information posted to server hosted in Romania A database posted online allegedly contains the personal information of 49 million people on the Turkish citizenship database, potentially making more than half of […]

Anonymous Hackers Dox Missouri KKK Leader — Release Phone, Credit Card Numbers, More

The hacker collective Anonymous is doxing (releasing persona information about) Missouri KKK leader Frank Ancona, and in a big way. They aren’t just giving the usual basics — email address, workplace, phone numbers, and other contact info. They’ve released a […] For more information go to http://www.NationalCyberSecurity.com, http://www. GregoryDEvans.com, http://www.LocatePC.net or http://AmIHackerProof.com View full post […]

55,000 Social Security Numbers exposed in the security breach of VFW.org

The Veterans of Foreign Wars  recently began notifying their users that hackers hacked into VFW.org  and hackers were able to see their users personal information.  In February 2014 , Veterans of Foreign Wars bitterest was hacked by hackers and hackers planted a malicious code , when ever any visitor visited their website with vulnerable version of […]

Russian teen who ‘made software Target hacking attack that stole 110MILLION credit card numbers’

A baby-faced teenager is the key suspect behind the software that was used in the massive security breach at Target over the holidays. As many as 110 million Target shoppers had their credit card details stolen after a computer program was written to collect the credit card details of shoppers. The data theft, unprecedented in its scale, […]

Is this Ukrainian helping to sell millions of stolen Target credit card numbers online? Security expert claims he has identified black market salesman

Unmasked: Security expert Brian Krebs has identified Andrew Hodiverski, pictured, as the operator of the underground online ‘card shop’ Rescator.la that has been selling millions of credit card numbers stolen from Target   The web security blogger who broke the news about the massive Target credit and debit card breach has identified a Ukrainian national who allegedly […]