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Siemens Patching for Heartbleed affected Industrial Products

Siemens has released updates for its eLAN and WinCC OA software. According to the company, the following products are also affected, but have not yet been patched: •    S7-1500 V1.5 (affected when HTTPS active)•    CP1543-1 V1.1 (affected when FTPS active)•    APE 2.0 (affected when SSL/TLS component is used in customer implementation). “Siemens is working on […]

Do you think you are safe from heart bleed? Experts warn not to assume you are safe from Heartbleed

NEW YORK (Cnnmoney) — in the post-Heartbleed world, accepts your online correspondence isn’t secure unless demonstrated overall. It sounds scaremonger, yet it’s actual. Email, social networking, keeping money — every last bit of it is at danger. The Heartbleed Internet bug is especially awful on the grounds that it’s pervasive. It influences applications, fittings and […]

New Heartbleed Solution

As companies scrambled in recent days to address the latest cybersecurity bug known as Heartbleed, researchers at The University of Texas at Dallas had a solution that fixes the vulnerability, and also detects and entraps hackers who might be using it to steal sensitive data. The advanced technique ‘Red Herring’ was created by a team […]

Patching HeartBleed bug could take upto months, warns Secunia

The bug fix or patch of the most famous vulnerability ‘Heartbleed’ could take up-to months as many of the devices, computers and web application as Secunia warns. According to Secunia, more products are getting vulnerable to the OpenSSL security flaw day by day. Till now we knew that web applications are vulnerable to the OpenSSL […]

Oracle working on Heartbleed fixes

Oracle has emitted its formal advice about Heartbleed, revealing it has 13 products that need a patch and 14 more “which may be vulnerable”. Oracle points out that all its cloud services should be Heartbleed-proof and that six of its products – including Oracle Linux 6 and Solaris 10.2 – were vulnerable but can be […]

Hacker arrested by Canadan Police for exploiting HeartBleed Bug

A 19-year-old man is arrested and charged by Canadian police a who allegedly exploited the Heartbleed bug to steal personal data from the Canadian Revenue Agency’s website. Stephen Arthuro Solis-Reyes, who allegedly grabbed 900 social insurance numbers (SINs) over a period of six hours, marks the first time that authorities have apprehended someone in relation […]

VPN is Still Vulnerable to Heartbleed

Researchers earlier this month guessed heartbleed had infected two-thirds of all Web servers, and researchers at Sucuri reported Friday that just 2 percent of the top 1 million websites on the Internet remain infected and all of the top 1,000 sites have been patched against the OpenSSL vulnerability but Mandiant tracks a scary new attack […]

50 million Android Phones vulnerable to Heartbleed , Data shows

Atleast four million android phones from U.S and tens of millions of android phones from world wide are vulnerable to the security flaw named “Heartbleed” which is now over-populated. According to Google’s announcement, Every device which is running android “Jelly Bean” software which means Android 4.1.1 released in 2012 is vulnerable. Using data provided by […]

Heartbleed snatched CloudFlare Crypto Keys!

Private crypto keys are accessible to Heartbleed hackers, new data shows. Cloudflare published preliminary findings that seemed to indicate that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to use Heartbleed to get the vital key that essentially unlocks the secure sockets layer padlock in millions of browsers. To be extra-sure, Cloudflare launched “The Heartbleed Challenge” […]

‘Oversight’ causes an error HeartBleed; says it’s Developer

Robin Seggelmann, a programmer based in Germany, submitted the code in an update submitted at 11:59pm on New Year’s Eve, 2011. It was supposed to enable a function called “Heartbeat” in OpenSSL, the software package used by nearly half of all web servers to enable secure connections.He says the “Heartbleed” vulnerability to the open-source code […]

Call of Duty is not secure from Heartbleed

Heartbleed took Call of Duty: Black Ops II‘s blood out too, according to security researchers.The Heartbleed security bug is a simple example of memory leakage through overflow vulnerability in the Heartbeat component of OpenSSL. Bits of memory in 64 kilobyte chunks may be extracted from the process’s memory. This could yield anything, including encryption keys, […]