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Google to #remove #apps found #violating #Accessibility Services, creating #cyber security #issues

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans To better help users with disabilities, Android has a set of Accessibility Services that developers can use to improve their applications. Google has warned app developers not to use its Accessibility Services – designed for users with disabilities – for other purposes that may create security issues, […]

iPhone #Wi-Fi #bug lets #hackers #hijack your #phone and #secretly install #malicious #apps

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans The cyber security community is still reeling after the revelation of the KRACK security vulnerability that breaks down Wi-Fi encryption. Now it seems another Wi-Fi-based bug has also been discovered. Presented at the global Pwn2Own hacking contest in Tokyo, a team of researchers demonstrated how a […]

Tinder hacked? #Scary #security #flaws discovered in #raft of popular #dating apps

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans A bevy of mobile dating apps including the infamous Tinder, have vulnerabilities that could reveal a user’s messages and the people they have viewed in the apps. Researchers from security firm Kaspersky Lab found that it was very easy to effectively online stalk Tinder, Bumble and […]

Russian hackers were planning to hit Europe with fake Android banking apps

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans Hackers in Russia, after infecting over a million Android devices with malware to siphon money using fake banking apps, were planning a major attack on European bank customers. The group, known as ‘Cron’ after their malware, is in custody now. The hacking group tricked Android users […]

Amazon.com security slip allowed unlimited password guesses on mobile apps

A gaping hole in Amazon.com's mobile application, now fixed, allowed hackers to have an unlimited number of attempts guessing a person's password, according to security vendor FireEye. View full post on Computerworld Cybercrime and Hacking News ________________ Other Sites You May Like: http;//AmIHackerProof.com – http://hackerforhire.com – Read More…. For more information go to http://www.NationalCyberSecurity.com, http://www. […]

Twitter vulnerability lets apps send DMs without user permission

  Security researcher Egor Homakov has discovered a Twitter vulnerability which allows apps to send DMs without requiring explicit user permission. TNW has verified the findings and can confirm the bug. This means Twitter apps that don’t ask for permission to send DMs can do so anyway. For example, Twitpic doesn’t ask for access to your DMs when you […]

Parents Get Help From Mobile Apps For Children

  Mobile apps for children are currently really popular today and according to the Software & Information Industry Association sales of educational software and digital is estimated to be in the ballpark of $7.8 billion. Parents Get Help From Mobile Apps For ChildrenAlthough these numbers represent schools as the biggest customers, parents are discovering that these apps may be the […]