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Hackers Can Unlock Tesla Cars by Stealing Owners’ Passwords

Corporate security consultant and Tesla owner Nitesh Dhanjani said that hackers can potentially unlock Tesla cars by stealing owner’s password. Tesla cars are password protected. When a customer buys the car he will be required to obtain a password from Tesla’s official website.  The password that’s set by Tesla owners when they create an account […]

Godaddy didn’t helped his Hacked Customer

This is not the first time that Godaddy is being accused of no help. This time an owner of a high profile website,, Jordan Reid, say that GoDaddy did not help him in restoring his hijacked website in spite of several pleads.  Jordan Reid, said. few days before, she came to know that someone […]

Godaddy Defends itself in RamshackleGlam Hacking case

We reported the day before that the owner of, Jordan Reid had accused GoDaddy of not helping her to get her hijacked website back.  Reid’s website was hijacked two days before and was being auctioned on by someone going with the nickname of Bahbouh. She ultimately got her website back, but she lashed out […]

Chinese police arrested 1500 SMS Spammers

Starting from February, Chinese police has been cracking down on mobile sms spammers ferociously. Based in North-east Liaoning province, bordering North Korea, the Spammers has been actively sending 200 millions junk sms to millions of mobile user every month.  According to police, the group has sent over 200 billion junk sms in the first half […]

18 Million E-mail Account Passwords Stolen in Germany

German newspaper The Local quotes German authorities saying that they are investigating a major mass theft of 18 million email passwords that had affected all the ISPs in Germany.  Prosecutors tell that they are determining how these passwords were stolen. The prosecutor told media that compromised email accounts are being used online for making online […]

Hacker holds the key to free flight

A security research and student claims to have developed a method that can enable him to board a flight across Europe generating fake boarding passes designed for Apple’s Passbook app.  Method has been developed by Andrew Hariton, an 18 year- old computer science undergrad from the University of Crete in Greece. He told that he […]

Android Anti-Theft app got stolen!

Hacker breached the servers of Cerberus, an anti-theft Android app, and stole the user names and passwords of 96,564 were stolen.  Recently, the Cerberus started informing its customer that they had detected a suspicious activity on three of companies servers.  The hacker had stolen the user name and hashed passwords of 96,564 users. Following the […]

Cisco Emergency Responder vulnerable to CSRF

Network solution provider Cisco Emergency Responder pages are vulnerable to cross site request forgery (CSRF),US cyber security division, DHS, explored the vulnerability in a blog post.   According to the post, Multiple cross-site request forgery (CSRF) vulnerabilities in CERUserServlet pages in Cisco Emergency Responder (ER) 8.6 and earlier will allow remote attackers to hijack the authentication […]

Huawei’s Equipment Supply Agreement with Wateen and Qubee

Huawei Technologies Pakistan (Pvt) Limited has done agreement with Wateen and Qubeeto upgrade their existing infrastructure in pakistan to support 4G broadband. he signing ceremony were held by the CEO’s of the companies int he presence of Ahsan Iqbal, Federal Minister for Planning, Development & Reforms; Mr. Mohammad Zubair, Minister of State & Chairman, Privatization Commission […]

A Gang arrested in Lahore for generating fake electricity bills UBP sheets

Today in Lahore , a gang has been arrested which was involved in generation and deposit of electricity bills. FIA has arrested prime suspect Khurram Shahzad and seized all the digital media including data sheets of fake generation and deposit of electricity bills of different factories. “Initial technical analysis reveals the gang is causing a huge loss to Telenor in connivance […]

Anonymous avanges homless’ death on police

A police spokesman confirms The Albuquerque Police Department official was attacked by a hacktvist group called Anonymous and important data leaked.   The website in question had been down on Sunday. Priorily, the same group has posted a video on video sharing allegedly showing Albuquerque Police shooting a homless man James Boyd.  On Twitter, “Anonymous” took […]

Arab hactivist use remote access Trojan to hack 24,000 machines worldwide

Symantec threat lab researchers say Arab Hackers based in Middle East are targeting the computers world wide using remote access Trojan njRAT. There are 487 groups involved in certain hacking campaign.  Symantec says, “Symantec has identified 487 groups of attackers mounting attacks using njRAT. These attacks appear to have different motivations, which can be broadly […]

Android Malware ‘Dendroid’ targeting Indian Users

The devices are becoming smarter, therefore the chances to abuse them have increased. As the share of Android has become 87% in the global Smartphone market, so the Android is by far an elementary target of the mobile malware developers.The number of malware variants has increased rapidly and today 99 out of 100 mobile viruses […]