Scan Results

Scan Types:

Quick Scan – This scan will search your network for vulnerabilities on the most common ports and intergrate the results about your network into a easy to read reports. This scan is used to retrieve your networks and some vulnerabilities that exist.

Complete Scan – This scan will search all ports (TCP and UDP) for any vulnerabilities that exits. All the details will be compiled into a nice report and suggestions about fixing these problems will also be shown.

Web Site Scan – This scan will only search your web site for vulnerabilities. Great for sites that have just been launched or sites that need to be quickly scanned for vulnerabilities.

For help securing your website, firewalls or personal computer, select Tips.

A "Vulnerability", as it pertains to scans, is a weakness a hacker could use to attack or hack a website, computer or network.
Search for a report and/or its parent or subsidiaries does not guarantee the accuracy of each scans. Some security appliances may send false positives to your network.